The Art of Wood

Wood Art

The Art of Marquetry

Whenever a wood project is done, there always seem to be small pieces left over. These can be used in a fireplace or burn pit,...

Wood Art

Turned Wooden Centerpieces

There are few things in a home more beautiful than a dining room table that invites guests with perfect place settings, and a hand-crafted wooden...

Wood Art

Wood of the World

Creating in any artistic medium takes knowledge of the tools and materials involved, and working in wood is no different. Rasps, gouges and saws are...

Wood Art

Learning the Basics of Working with Wood

Creating art from wood can be either simple or complex, and it depends upon the vision of the person making the piece. Someone with a...

Wood Art

Small Power Tools

Wood carving for commercial purposes requires speed if the carver wants to turn a profit. There are small carving tools on the market today for...

Wood Art

Turning Out Wood Art

Putting a chunk of wood on a lathe and turning it to carve out a form is one of the most popular ways people get...

Wood Art

Combining Wood for Art

Each type of wood has its own characteristics, and these include hardness, size of grain and color. When an artist chooses to create a piece...

Wood Art

Choosing Wood for a Project

The modern world has changed how artists work with wood, and color is one of them. Years ago, craftsmen did not have a variety of...

Artists often look for challenges in their creative work, and they experiment with many methods to enhance their abilities. While it has long been considered more of a craft than an art, wood is now a medium that has come into its own in the art world. Building beautiful pieces using the natural beauty of wood has become a popular art form, and this trend shows no signs of stopping soon. Artists, ever aware of buyer preferences, have begun to produce more pieces in this versatile medium.

Turning wood on a lathe is one of the popular ways people create art from wood, but hand carving or combining wood with other materials is also popular. Many wood pieces are objects that can be useful as well as beautiful, and this gives them added value. Each piece has its own set of attributes that make it desirable as art.