The Art of Wood

Wood Art

Small Power Tools

Wood carving for commercial purposes requires speed if the carver wants to turn a profit. There are small carving tools on the market today for this purpose. These tools are essentially small drills with different drill bits attached. They are more mobile and flexible than a regular drill. Many of them run at high speed, and the blade attachments are spun to dig into the wood. There are straight drill heads that can be used to gouge out a line. Some of the heads are triangular. These function much as hand gouges do and take out large areas of wood.

Wood carvers often like the speed of the carving they can do with these types of power tools. Some prefer to work with harder woods, and these tools make hard woods easier to carve. There are many people who prefer not to use power tools for their carving. One of the main complaints is that their hands go numb or hurt when using the power tool. This is due mainly to the vibration caused by the spinning section. While beautiful pieces can be done in minutes or hours rather than days, many people still prefer hand tools.